RPL Web Administrator


RPL Web Administrator ANZSCO 313113

Web Administrator ANZSCO 313113 designs, builds and maintains websites, and provides web technology solutions and services.
Web Administrators with a degree qualification that does not contain ICT content or without any tertiary qualifications need to submit RPL Web Administrator Project Report Form to Australian Computer Society in order to get positive skills assessment as required by ACS.

Web Administrator (ANZSCO 313113) - Description of Employment Duties:

  • determining software and hardware requirements to provide solutions to problems
  • responding to inquiries about software and hardware problems
  • adapting existing programs to meet users' requirements
  • installing and downloading appropriate software
  • ensuring efficient use of applications and equipment
  • implementing computer networks
  • designing and maintaining websites
  • repairing and replacing peripheral equipment such as terminals, printers and modems
  • may work in a call centre
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